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This is pretty damn funny and kept surprising me.
Also, I'm disappointed by the lack of 'blue furret' art in your account.
The crappy art is definitely a part of the charm, although I think your watermark is needlessly oversized, and it's not even needed since your name appears all the time throughout the video.

ninja78900987 responds:

sorry i'm just overly paranoid that someone's going to steal my work
even though no one probably will since everything i make turns out to be less than mediocre
anyways glad you liked it
also i relisted it so you can find it here

It's a funny idea, with fluent movements.
I think it might be a little bit better with voice acting, i.e. if you parodied the show's intro, because it looks close to it already. “Water. Earth. Fire. Air. BOOMERANG!”

Tyro1301 responds:

Yeah I did consider doing that, but I thought it would be a bit much. Looking back, it might have helped if there was voice acting. Oh well.

The fight sequence is great, but I think the ending (0:30+) is too long and mostly unnecessary, because nothing interesting really happens.

c-cam-art responds:

Perspective practice. An overhead drone camera like shot is what was accomplished in that time gap. To understand the angles of the walls. Very necessary as each element of animation was designed to sharpen up things I haven't tried or need practice doing to assist a larger project. Its all in the commentary section.....

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Hi, and good luck with your platformer! Couple of tips:
– Freeze Z Rotation. Your character starts spinning e.g. when you fall or bump into the thin wall. It even makes you unable to jump if you try to balance on the top of it.
– You can dash even in mid-air. Is that intended?
– I like that the jump has different heights depending on how long you press space
– Hold left immediately after reset. The camera fails to catch up (or move "smoothly") which results in some jittering
– You can slow down your fall if you "clutch onto" the wall. Perhaps this is intended. If it's not, add a zero friction Physics2D material to the collider.

Other than than, there's not much to talk about so far, but good luck with the final product nevertheless.

ScarfPin responds:

most of them are intended but thank you for pointing out the bugs

The trouble with this game is that it's impossible to dodge all obstacles properly (they're fast, numerous and can deplete all your health really quickly), so the best tactic is to get to the center of the screen somehow and ‘hover’ in place until you get 3000 points. The surprise there is nice, but still quite hard.

I think the best rage games are games with perfect controls, with perhaps slightly unfair challenge (e.g. ‘Cat Mario’), or just overall very difficult (e.g. ‘Celeste’ or Hollow Knight's ‘Path of Pain’). You might get some inspiration from an old free game ‘A Little Eggy That Could’ (https://youtu.be/zqGCIvG67rg) in which you're an egg, with very precise controls, but it's easy to fall and break, and the platforming challenges get quite hard and eventually, you're flying all over the place.

I had to retry this game more than I could count, but its difficulty stems from the very simple fact that it's very easy to overshoot or undershoot a platform because you can't in any way change your direction or speed mid-air. Otherwise, the game is quite fun. If you take it slowly and carefully, the obstacle course isn't even that difficult – you're just gradually more and more frustrated by the controls.
Perhaps that's the effect you were going for; I'd personally prefer better manoeuvrability which would come with a more difficult platforming challenge (narrow ledges, falling platforms, spikes, fans, invisible platforms…).

MuziksPH responds:

Thats a great idea but i have to make a seperate game for that mechanics

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I can't even begin to describe how great this is. Seriously.
I can't take my eyes off Ness, the tent, Paula… you keep discovering more in every bit of it. Even though I like the game for various reasons, the main characters don't quite show emotions directly (with their permanent smiles). This takes the already impressive scene, fills all the missing pieces we couldn't imagine back then and presents it just beautifully.

If I ever looked for the definition of perfect, this would be it.

Moonshen responds:

Thanks for your words! Yes the lack of expressions in the game made me feel really anxious about putting some in a fanart :) Its incredible how good the game is without showing much personality on its chars.

You know, they are all genuinely very nice drawings with interesting lore behind them, but in my opinion, the frame (and possibly the name) is distracting from it. It's a very sharp colour (and style) contrast from the rest of the drawing. Like here – the background is bluish, but the frame is vividly pink with flashy red/yellow name tag. Personally, I'd get rid of both (we can read the name in the title).

GearGades responds:

This is how he is kinda portrait in the comic (FYI, had not read it, as I got no way to get it) as urLii lives in the Caves of Grot and doesn't seem to leave them. Only the Maudra of the Grottan knows he is there.

As for the names, is kinda a force of Habit of mine.

The models are perfect. But I think the bark texture of the log on the stand is perhaps a bit too stretched. Also, the wooden planks of the stand look too clean and polished. These stands are often handmade from leftovers; this looks like brand new from a shop. It would also gradually get dirtier and darker if you left it in a shed, or outside exposed to the elements. So if you want to put this into a game, take the environment into account, so it doesn't look out of place.

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